All our vegetables are organically grown, which is one of our core values.

It is important to us to defend a production that respects the environment and human beings. All our vegetables have always been organically grown, preferably locally.
Moreover, thanks to the unique and authentic taste of our products, we hope to contribute to the fight against the standardisation of taste.


The search for mixtures and textures with unbeatable taste is our daily concern.

The ultimate goal of Notes de mon Jardin is to bring out the unique taste of quality products.
We bring out the best in vegetables, thanks to a fine and well researched combination of spices and aromatic plants.

As the seasons go by, we work with all the vegetables, from the most essential to the most forgotten, such as parsnips, rutabaga, tuberous parsley, etc.

In order to avoid standardisation of products and taste, we are constantly looking for new ideas, both for recipes and for production processes and textures. In particular, we have developed an alternative to the pasteurisation of fresh soups in order to reveal the flavours of each vegetable.


It is possible to offer quality products while following an eco-responsible approach and respecting the strictest manufacturing standards!

Quality is our priority at all stages of the production process.

Our 1,200 m² workshop is IFS-certified and complies with all applicable hygiene standards. The manufacturing process has been designed to optimise each stage of production and to limit waste.

At Notes de mon Jardin, we favour short circuits and carefully select our suppliers of organic vegetables, spices and aromatic herbs.

In addition, the traceability of all our products is ensured by our computerised production system. Finally, we sort and recycle our packaging and waste. Daily maintenance is carried out using enzymatic products, which are more ecological. We are also thinking of obtaining a clean label in order to continue our eco-responsible approach.